SwitcheroO StickMouse

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Fully control your systems! (run apps/games)

Multi-task device for any PC, Mac and Android system.

Moreover, all functions are switch adapted!

Easy to use and set up - simply connect to a USB port or micro-USB or USB-C on your device and you are ready to go. That easy!

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SwitcheroO StickMouse

StickMouse makes alternative access possible on any computer or Android device (and any other systems that have standard-USB, micro-USB or USB-C ports available).

StickMouse has a USB cable plug and also comes with a micro-USB adapter and a USB-C adapter so you can use it in your PCs and in all your mobile devices.

There are three working modes available at a simple flip of a button: 

  1. android navigation (android focused)
  2. mouse function (computers and android devices)
  3. joystick function (computers and android devices)

StickMouse has 4 directions (← ↑ ↓ →) and 5 action buttons (B1 B2 B3 B4 B5) which take different functions in accordance to the mode the StickMouse is operating on.

Use it together with the ‘Switch Access’ feature of Android and customize button actions to suit your own preferences. It will allow you go anywhere on your system and apps including using the Android on-screen keyboard to browse the web, write messages, send emails and more.

With switch access, you can scan to the item on the screen that you want to click. The Android device scans all the clickable items on the screen, highlighting each item in turn, until you select the desired item. You can also customize switch access by assigning each switch to a particular function. For example, a switch can be assigned to activate the "Home" button.

See how it works on the official support page: https://support.google.com/accessibility/android/answer/6301490

Android Navigation

Navigate Android menus and items, take photos and more. Although this mode was specifically designed for Android devices, it can also be used on computers.

Control any switch adapted software or app that requires the use of 'Space and Enter' or '~1 and ~3' keys (these are the most used keys in switch adapted applications). 

Use it together with the ‘Switch Access’ feature of Android and customize button actions to suit your own preferences. It will allow you go anywhere on your system and apps including using the Android on-screen keyboard to browse the web, write messages, send emails and more.

Mouse Function

StickMouse can also act as a standard computer mouse. You can do everything you normally would do with a standard mouse!

In this mode, the stick will activate mouse movement while the 5 buttons will do as follows: B1 - left click; B2 - right click; B3 - drag lock*B4 - double click; B5 - scroll;

*The drag-lock function allows you to activate drag by simply hitting the switch once and without having to hold down the button while you drag the selected item on the screen. When you have finished the drag, you can press the switch again to deactivate drag function and resume normal use.

Joystick Function

The joystick function allows you to interact with menus apps and games on PC, Mac and Android!

Using Joystick Function on PC:

You don't need to install any drivers or software to work with many programs that can interact directly with StickMouse working on Joystick Function. For other programs that might not work directly, there is a free and easy to use software tool. This software (windows) will allow you to:

  • Emulate any keyboard key for each switch (the commonly used are SPACE and ENTER keys but any key can be chosen including Shift, Control, Alt);
  • Emulate mouse clicks (including mouse drag & double click) and mouse movement for each switch;
  • Option to set switch delay or to ignore short/repeated switch presses.

Using Joystick Function on Mac:

Use this mode together with the ‘Switch Control’ feature to fully control your Mac.

'Switch Control' feature is an assistive technology on Mac that helps you enter text, choose menus, move your pointer, and more – all by simply clicking a switch. Here's how you enable Switch Control (check if your Mac system has this feature):

  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  2. Accessibility, then select Switch Control from the list of accessibility options.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Select the option to Enable Switch Control.

Using Joystick Function on Android:

Another awesome use for this mode is gameplay! It allows you to play joystick compatible apps and use either the joystick or external switches to have hours of fun interaction!

Three examples of switch ready apps you can access with this device:



Off-road racing game. Steer left and right with your joystick. You can enable or disable auto accelerate. 

Joystick: left & right

Switch 1: B1.



Cool snowboarding action.

Use left or right to steer and up or down to rotate while in the air. 

Go through the ramps to jump (for a bigger jump: hold button 1 before ramp and release at the rump)

Joystick: left, right, up, down

Switch 1: B1

Forest Fighter


An arcade style game where the user has to put out forest fires. 

Switch 1: any key.

Sensory Room


A single switch cause and effect app set in a sensory room. User can press the switch to see the character watch a bubble column or disco ball.Switch 1: space or ~ 1

This list is just an example. There are loads of switch accessible and joystick apps and games for android devices.


1 x SwitcheroO StickMouse (USB plug).

1 x Ball type handle

1 x Carrot type handle

1 x Micro-Usb plug adapter

1 x USB-C plug adapter

1 x Instructions

Other info:

New. Full working condition. Quality control check

Dimensions: 15 cm x 20 cm x 4 cm (5.9 in x 7.9 in x 1.6 in)

Cable length: aprox 150cm (60 in)

2 years Warranty

Free shipping worldwide!