Free DIY Devices - Assistive (LowTech) Technology

Assitive technology can be done with stuff you might have at home. It's easy! & FREE!

1. Faucet Extender

Water faucet extention. Can be helpful for those in a wheelchair or small children who have trouble reaching their hands all the way under the faucet. Very handy, can be made out of basically any plastic bottle or cup, is inexpensive, and easy to create!


2. Adapted Straw

Do It Yourself - Straw Holder.

3. Utensil Holder

It could be arthritis, muscle pain, or any other disability that does not allow them to even hold a spoon when eating... This will help!


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4. Pencil and Crayon helper


5. CD Switch - a switch made from CD's!

Switches are expensive! Sometimes, it's handy to make your own.


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6. Adapt any toy! (No-Solder Battery Interrupter)

A battery interrupter is a tool that adds a switch jack to (aka "switch adapts") an electrical device.


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